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The mug is amazing. I’d go on C&O again, just to get a second mug for my other hand.
Gary Pendergast

The highly sought out Cain & Obenland mug is one of the most cherished items ever made. Often considered “the original wonder of the world”, these perfectly-balanced, artisan-crafted, organic, unfair trade, high-tech composite, socially responsible, not made in the USA vessels are guaranteed to keep your coffee warm for approximately the same amount of time (or possibly less) than just about every mug in your cabinet… that is if you dare to spoil them with coffee stains. Emblazoned with two of the planet’s most recognizable faces, a few select mugs in the wild have actually been touched by the lips of Cain and/or Obenland.

To get a mug, you must do one of two things. A favor for one of the hosts deserving of the rough equivalent of a life debt, or be the special guest in one of our episodes.

Although there are countless rip-off “fugs” (faux mugs), there have only been four authenticated generations of the Cain & Obenland mugs:

  • 1st generation: The original Cain & Obenland mug, handcrafted by Nick Hamze in a dark room in South Dakota (if that state really exists). Single image, left-handed style.
  • 2nd generation, aka “The Lost Generation”: We ordered mugs for WordCamp Atlanta, but they didn’t get there in time. They’re probably collecting dust in the basement of our hotel and will one day be the plot of either an Indiana Jones or National Treasure reboot.
  • 3rd generation: A new design for WordCamp Austin, featuring a single image of our logo stretched around. So much Cain & Obenland that the mug holders often complain about the static shocks the mugs are constantly exuding.
  • 4th generation: To meet the overwhelming demand for new shows and MOAR MUGS, 20 mugs were ordered for WordCamp Maine and beyond, and rush delivered by the TARDIS to our front doors.

All recipients of Cain & Obenland mugs:

Deserving guests of the show:

  1. Lance Willet – 4th generation
  2. Sara Cannon – 1st generation
  3. Andrew Nacin – 3rd generation
  4. Mike Schroder – 3rd generation
  5. Siobhan McKeown – 4th generation
  6. Gary Pendergast – 4th generation
  7. Mika Epstein – 4th generation
  8. John James Jacoby – 4th generation
  9. Mark Jaquith – 4th generation
  10. Mel Choyce – 4th generation
  11. Chris Lema – 4th generation
  12. Mendel Kurland – 4th generation

All other people who managed to get one:

  • Konstantin – 1st generation
  • Konstantin’s Mom – 1st generation
  • Konstantin’s Dad – 3rd generation
  • Caroline Moore – 4th generation (sometimes seen in the hands of her husband, Tim)

Mugs in the wild:

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