Join us…

Grab a cup of coffee and start your day off (no matter what time it is) on the right foot with Automatticians Konstantin Obenland and Michael Cain in our morning show-style WordCamp talk! We’ll break the session into three segments, two that will cover any number of WordPress topics – theming, design, development, best practices, worst practices, future trends, you name it – and a special guest interview with a big name from the WordPress world. There will be laughter (hopefully?), there will be tears (regrettably?), there will even be some awkward silences (definitely). But most importantly, there will be plenty of that whole-grained, balanced-diet WordPress that you just can’t get enough of.

Konstantin Obenland

You might know him from The Twenties (Twelve, Thirteen, and Fourteen that is), but when he’s not contributing to core default themes, you’ll probably find him drinking a delicious brew or eating a tasty meal, and blogging about them both. He’s Automattic’s Chairman of Height and true to his German roots, demands efficiency and productivity from us all.

Michael Cain

Wait what? Alfred from Batman or Scrooge from The Muppet Christmas Carol loves WordPress?!? Sorry folks, no British accent or amazing war stories here – this Cain is less Cockney and more Southern drawl, but one thing’s for sure, he loves WordPress (…and Batman …and Kermit). Like his taller counterpart, he too can be found blogging about food in his spare time, that is when he’s not writing sub-par copy for this strange website.